Airborne Kamikaze Threat History Lessons Learned and Forgotten

When someone mentions the use of an planes to intentionally fly into an adversary target, most will think of September 11th. But I think about an attack that occurred on December 12th 1944. My dad’s troop transport was at spine in Dulag Have, Philippine Countries when it was hit by a Japanese people Kamikaze.

The attack wiped out and hurt 189 men in his group. We were holding men of the You. S. 6th Air Force, 345th Blast Group and they were being transported by the Navy to the Philippines. Fortunately for my Dad’s welfare Atlantis Found, he was issued to help un-load Military Air Force equipment and was sent ashore just days earlier. The Kamikaze was one of the most anticipated and effective tools used during World War II contrary to the You. S. Navy. So, when someone mentions the word Kamikaze or suicide attack, it means something close and personal to me.

On September 11th 2001, I was driving towards town center Los angeles very early in the morning when the local radio station reports begun to trickle in. After the second aircraft hit, it was clear to me that the USA was under attack. At that time, I called my wife and woke her up to let her know what was happening.

When i arrived in town center Los angeles, all of my coworkers were watching live CNN video nourishes as both WTC systems were ablaze. At that time, I thought, this is like something out of the He Clancy novel, “Debt of Honor”. For anyone who has not read it, I would suggest it. The story has an airliner ramming into Wa D. C. The book was written in 1994 and describes how this attack would be almost unpreventable if properly planned.

Today, thinking about someone hijacking an airliner and taking on the crew is not probably because the crew and passengers will fight back. The voyager and crew are in possession of absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain if they resist. A current example of this occurred when a terrorist was attempting to trigger a shoe blast onboard an American Flight companies flight in November 2001. The terrorist was faced with a female flight clerk who struggled with him as hard as she could before being made it easier for by another female flight clerk and fellow passengers.

The united states Navy has a history of trying to protect their boats from Kamikaze attacks. When the attacks became common place in late 1944, they put a high priority of destroying Japanese people land based planes that could stage attacks on their navy. They also beefed up their air safeguarding on their combat wrecks. This process reduced the devastating effect of future attacks.

In 1981 the Navy installed a CIWS (Close In Weapon System) on the ship I was issued to, the USS Enterprise. The CIWS was sometimes referred to as “Sea Whiz” and it was designed as a last forget, close in weapon to battle low flying cruise missiles or planes aimed at approaching the ship. It deploys radar controlled 20mm Gatling guns that fire at a high rate of fire. In navy tests it was very able to downing any known airborne threat. I witnessed a Navy live fire test once and it is an incredible view to see, hear, and you can feel it even from a long way away when the weapon is shooting.

The CIWS and other systems were stationed to counter missile attacks similar to the 1987 Iraqi missile attack. The USS Stark had the CIWS, but it was not in business when they were mauled. The attack occurred during the Iran or Iraq war and it was another wake up call to the Navy, they you try to plans to prevent it from happening again. I know this technology yet others can be very effective protecting the navy at sea.

So, as you can see, the military has learned some important lessons from history. They have taken these lessons and stationed tools that are designed to destroy or limit the effectiveness of an authentic attack. The Navy has learned from their mistakes.

In nov 2000, over Afghanistan, an interesting event occurred. An unmanned Predator criminal aircraft detected its target. The planes was tasked to fly recon routes to locate Osama Rubbish bin Laden who was located in Afghanistan. Specifically, over a placed called Tarnak Farm which was a walled Ing Qaeda compound being used by Osama Rubbish bin Laden. The video recorded terrorists shooting at targets and doing military soccer pratice drills. The live video feed showed a tall man who was encased by television guards. The brains reps had adversary number 1 in their sights and it was in “Real Time”. They knew at the time they hit the jackpot, but nothing was done other than canceling the incident.

You can’t redo history books on something that happened in the year 2000. But I wonder what could have happened if the person who was in command of these unmanned Predator would have had the authority and or effectiveness to essentially act. The cost of a Predator at the time was less than 5 million. I wonder what would of happened if? Hmmmm…

When i see the “911 Commission Report”, some people interviewed made statements on moving up the upgrade date for the Predator to carry air to ground missiles. In the year 2000, it was still unarmed. But not once did anyone suggest using the machine itself as a weapon. It is certainly true, “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. inch